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Charting a Greener Path in Finance and Parenting

Hello and welcome to my personal space, MaebhCollins.com. I’m Maebh Collins, and my journey is a unique blend of financial precision and sustainable passion.

From Birmingham to Omeath: My Early Years

Originally hailing from Birmingham, my initial years were deeply rooted in the world of numbers and balance sheets. As a chartered accountant, I navigated the intricate corridors of finance, often working long hours that stretched from dawn to dusk. However, the bustling city life of Birmingham and the desire for a more family-centric environment led me and my husband, Peter Knight, to the serene landscapes of Omeath, Co Louth, in 2002.

The Sustainable Shift: A New Chapter

During my third pregnancy, my quest for eco-friendly baby products led me to a surprising revelation: Ireland had a limited market for sustainable baby products. This realization was the catalyst for the birth of The Natural Baby Resource. What began as a hobby soon transformed into a full-fledged venture, with our online platform gaining traction and our presence expanding to farmers’ markets.

Baba Me: The Culmination of Passion and Purpose

In 2009, our dedication to promoting sustainable choices culminated in the launch of Baba Me. Under our joint leadership, the company witnessed exponential growth, with our turnover soaring from €30,000 in the initial year to an impressive €5 million annually. Our team expanded to 50 dedicated members, and our physical store in Jonesborough became a testament to our success.

A Voice for Sustainable Parenting

Beyond the numbers and products, my mission is to be a voice for sustainable living. I believe in empowering people with choices that are not only eco-friendly but also economically sound. My expertise in accountancy allows me to offer a unique perspective, highlighting the long-term financial benefits of sustainable choices.

Baby Carrier Training School

Recognizing the importance of safe and informed babywearing, I launched the Baby Carrier Training School. This initiative was designed to equip retailers with the knowledge and skills to offer the best baby carrier advice to their customers. I’m proud to have trained all the major baby chains in the UK and Ireland, ensuring they provide safe advice and sell the safest baby carriers on the market. I have completed all the major baby carrier consultancy courses including Slingababy and Trageschuler Certified. I’ve launched the HANDS guide to baby carrier safety – ensuring parents know how to carry their babies, safely.

Danu – A Legacy of Irish Heritage

Embracing the rich tapestry of Irish heritage, I founded Danu, a baby carrier brand that stands out in its commitment to sustainability and cultural homage. Crafted using authentic Irish linen, Danu offers exquisite baby carriers and wraps inspired by the breathtaking Irish landscape. With a zero-waste and carbon-neutral approach, Danu seamlessly blends Irish traditions with modern parenting needs.

IrelandMe.com – Your Gateway to the Emerald Isle

Passionate about sharing the beauty, culture, and history of Ireland, I created IrelandMe.com. This guide offers a curated journey through the picturesque landscapes, historic landmarks, and hidden gems of Ireland. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, IrelandMe.com provides a fresh perspective on the wonders of the Emerald Isle.

Collaborate, Connect, and Create

Today, MaebhCollins.com serves as a platform for collaboration, connection, and creation. Whether you’re a business seeking insights into sustainable product development, a parent looking for eco-friendly choices, or a fellow advocate for green living, I invite you to join me on this journey.

Let’s Shape a Greener Tomorrow

The future is shaped by the choices we make today. Together, let’s craft a legacy of sustainability, financial prudence, and conscious parenting. Thank you for being a part of my journey, and I look forward to our shared path ahead.

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